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Since the events of Familiar Travels things have been relatively calm in Vanaheim, all of that was about to change, but not quite yet.

Enjoy the demo and proof of concept for Hyperdimensional Basement Crawler as we join protagonist Finley as they explore Po's Emporium, explore the store and help us test out new game mechanics on the day before everything goes to shit.

Be sure to join our Discord server for feedback, theory crafting, and to take part in our community while we work on developing this game further.


  • With this build we’re addressing some of the issues we have ran into with the combat as well as flesh out the introduction sequence of the game further.

    Out of any of the builds, this is one where the feedback is most important. We’re at a turning point with the combat of the game being more of a melee/range hybrid roguelike and a twin stick shooter style, we are looking for feedback on how the combat feels in this build as well as the gameplay feel in general, we appreciate the feedback everyone gives as it helps us build an awesome game together.

    The community for FT has always been a big motivation and working together on stuff like this is a focal point for what makes our games so good, so please take the time, check it out, and provide your feedback!


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are the characters from familiar travels in this or playable?

happy to see this!

Oh dang, I didnt notice that a new game was being made!

I played familiar travels before, so I honestly cant wait for this ^^

When will it be for Mac?

i love the art stile, the cobat is rought but is a alpha soo i will folow the development

Yeah that's the part that's in development right now! Join our discord to take part in the conversation.

fell in love with familiar travels when it came out and so far I'm loving this to. looking forward to seeing this game completed.


Probably the best Familiar Travels inspired dungeon crawler game on the market. Also its in a really great state as an alpha (less buggy than 2077 on launch) Props to the dev team B)