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You were in a situation that many post-graduates found themselves in, degree on wall, parent's house, everywhere seem to think your degree is just as useless as you do. The uniquely disparaging Quarter Life Crisis has came to you in full force, and you have been left with nothing to do..

And when university has set us up for unreal expectations of the future, there's only one thing left to do..

Grad School.

Through insane luck or divine magic, you've received your acceptance letter to Vanaheim
Home of the Vanaheim Institute of Magic and Technology

There's only one problem, you're distinctly lacking in the magic department. In fact, this is the first time you've become aware of magic's existence.

The internet as a whole was a huge inspiration for this game, We tried to set out to do something new that hasn’t been done in visual novels before by giving people an open world and focusing on character types and personalities that people really see in the modern day, instead of typical archetypes.

We aren’t afraid to talk about issues like mental health, toxic masculinity, issues of self-identity and discovery, and the more complicated nuances of relationships. The candid and straightforward nature of the game is part of the reason I decided to reach out to you.

The people who play the game really connect with it, and I want to have more people take a look and hopefully get the same impact from the game that the game and the community around it had on us.

  • 300,000 word+ Story (Across Two Volumes)
  • A true open world with free travel, leading to a different play through every time.
  • Complete soundtrack with over 30 unique compositions
  • Over 100 unique illustrations.

PublisherHalftone Studios
AuthorHalftone Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Erotic, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Download or claim
On Sale!
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$9.99 $0.00 USD or more

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it says its incompatible with the.. third-party website or something. it also said i "own" the game for some reason.? did i do something bad?

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could i get a steam code for this? im trying to buy volume 2 on steam but i need one and i only have 10$ an sum change so i cant buy both

the controls confuse me, i dont know which key to save or which key to load... S becomes Skip instead of CTRL and Space becomes Hide? A is for Auto.... can someone tell me the Key for the save and load?


When I try to download the demo on Icho's downloader, it says that the titile is hosted on an incompatible third-party website and will not let the download go through. Is there any solution?

Android Version perhaps later? ^^ and thanks for this cool game

It's pretty good.

Yeah like... on 7 day of Tsitsi rute i encount a problem when you talk with Tsitsi and Mocha while smoke and then after choice (of corse i stay with Tsitsi, i made a promise!!!!) apear "7 day" like i do nothing, this is bug or im stupid?

Deleted 77 days ago

clicked save icon.
Clicked the slot to save in.
game did not save and continued as though I selected an option.

if your not really interested in all the characters its pretty short when I saw that both chapters where being sold separately I was expecting a long read but it seems a lot shorter then expected. I liked Nil and I want to get to know him better but honestly if I had bought chapter 1 I wouldn't be happy with it. i got it for free so I'm OK with how things turned out but I do hope chapter 2 is longer then just a week. most VN's have a month or more. Also with Nil at less, things got confusing I get that's hes a bit all over the place but its like the MC and him forget past conversations. without Spoiling anything Nil tells you and someone else on one of those walking parts something about himself thats pretty important. the next day its like it never happened. an open world VN is cool but I feel like these problems wold not exist in a more traditional VN. but hay i got 3 years to buy chapter 2 at %50 off and I got chapter 1 for free. I have to ash if you can hook up with Nil in chapter 1 or did I miss somthing. 

It seems that the non-demo version of this game is missing the Itch.io metadata that allows the Itch client to automate the download and install process.

Going to Tsitsi's dorm on day 4 in chapter 2 leads to a point where the dialogue box is blank and cannot advance.


I'm really disappointed, tbh.

After the game wants me to go to the tower it just returns to the title screen. The game may be good at some point but its definetely not worth $10

i have to agree most VN span over a month or more and we only get a week maybe 2 week with chapter 2. did you find that sometimes it was like past conversations did'nt happen. like someone tells you hes gay and later you can tell a girl that you think that someone likes her. the wrighting is honesly all over the place the open world thing is neat but really not working well.

ok im sorry but A MONTH? JESUS you mean to tell me you played a visual novel that lasted u a month? You must be playing for 10 mins a day..why would you even want a visual novel to last a month??


I don't think they mean a real world month, but in game time.


I would recommend this game BUT in it's current state it is very glitchy and buggy as many other people on this page have said. I would recommend you get this game and wait until they patch the game cause you know a free game is free :)


Hey there! We've updated the bugs concerning novel mode in the game - please take a look now and apologies for the error!


The game seems to be bugged it just says DAY TWO NIGHT TWO NOVEL MODE DAY THREE NIGHT THREE NOVEL MODE DAY FOUR NIGHT FOUR NOVEL MODE etc etc etc etc endlessly and I cant do anything.

Hey there! We've updated the bugs concerning novel mode in the game - please take a look now and apologies for the error!


I feel like im missing something, I got the game off the sale today and ive had some of the same issues detailed by other commentors here, like 7 days just being skipped right past and the install in the itch io app not working, i managed to get it through using the download on the itch website.

The character designs are nice and I am interested in this game but i feel like im missing out on most of it. 

Is this just how this version is and for the full thing i gotta get the chapter 1+2 bundle?

if you got to that part you need to be in the main menu and click chapter 2 and load it because i had the same thing happend to me and after i loaded chapter 2 in the menu it worked just fine.

ok! thank you a lot! Hope they can iron all this out cuz it seems fun. I'll give that a shot

Yeah clicking the chapter two load worked for me, now theres just bugs with certain areas or certain characters freezing the game if you go to/talk to them on certain days, preventing some scenes from even proceeding. But that one i hear is another common one caused by this most recent update

Hey there! We've updated the bugs concerning novel mode in the game - please take a look now and apologies for the error!

Thank you!


so i got a question.

is nil's route is not finished? it just suddenly go go back to title screen after the accident.?

It's the first chapter of the game. When you reach the end with the accident it shows a cutscene and then basically says stuff about magic being used by everyone is bad. TL;DR It's the end of the game until chapter two comes out.

is there gay content?

Yeah I'm not sure what exactly is covered by the LGBTQ+ tag. Looking for M/M personally.


so slight spoiler

is the game supposed to skip forward several days after day two?

I seem to be having this happen as well. I'm not sure if it's supposed to or not.

I clicked on the screen before it could skip and it fixed the problem for me

nope my game is definitely glitched, i kept clicking the screen and nothing happened and then i tried accessing the back log and the save screen phased through the back log

I also keep having problems with this game its not jist you

Yeah i'm having much the same issue as well, and i'm not quite sure what's up with it

Hey there! We've updated the bugs concerning novel mode in the game - please take a look now and apologies for the error!

I downloaded the game for Mac, but I have no idea how to start it.

Run the start.command file :)

I tried doing that but it would ask how I want to open it

What buttons allow me to open the Save and Load File screen? Since ESC does not open it for me, and i want to do a Manual save before Choices or on them.

You can not save during specific events, only at the start and end of days.


Ok, it would have been nice to save before or on events in case i choose the wrong one when it comes to me wanting to get a certain character's endings/paths, like Nil for example, which choices shall i choose for his path until i get to the end of day one?


windows version of this game is not downloadable i tried downloading it 3 times and it says network error


welp, I'm on mac and try to play the game, but can't open your mac version

even tried to load pass itch.io app it's also told me 'not compatible'.

➊This title is hosted on an incompatible third- party website???????

Try now :)


I've tried to download the demo and I am facing trouble, what do I do?

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Has anyone got any ending beside po I tried both fraype and kaj and they ended the same

Deleted 220 days ago

WOAH man, put a spoiler warning up there next time.

before o spend money on this, which gender are you playing? Or do you have a choice?

The character is gender neutral :)

thank you!

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Thanks you!, I am really enjoying this visual novel. Spending time with all the characters so far. So many secret and suspense and drama.

Thanks man, Can't wait to see more of Chapter 2 or Volume 2 of Familiar Travels

Thank you, I loved it. It does make me suspicious of the protagonist's, dare I say, "importance" in the plans of the...organizations.

Question: Does the character you're with by the end of the chapter depend on the character "path" you're taking?


Yes, there are seven endings for Chapter One

I appreciate the kind words!

how to get the game if you bought on the official website?

DM me on discord XTC#0009 and I'll get you sorted out!


You get so attached to the characters that you re run the games just to see their cute faces, I can't wait for more of the story to be added :D

The diolog breaks at the club bringing me to a backgound scene with a blank text box. I dunno how to fix this

Can't reproduce :O Message me on Discord XTC#0009 and I can help you with this :)

A really interesting furry transformation VN, where you have to deal with eight troubled (and sexy) furries, help them get over their problems, and maybe romance them. Lots and lots of dialogue, and very beautiful art by the artist Gillpanda.


i really enjoyed this game and I'd really recommend it if you're at all interested in furry content or visual novels! each of the characters are uniquely complex with their own positive and negative qualities with evolving character arcs and a incredibly well written and orchestrated experience that's capable of getting incredibly immersive and tense as it is amazing to look at!


Excellent game! - FurrComunity 10/10

well rounded characters ;) - Gamespit 7/10

Amazing art - MeataCritic 8/10

Fascinating story - GamerRrunt 9/10

Poor fish physics - IBN 4/10

Hours of interesting dialogue - GamesRayder 8/10

Awesome Twist! - GameFACs 9/10