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Familiar Travels was always intended to be played as a single, cohesive experience. Enjoy Volume One and Volume Two together as the second Volume adds a depth of experience to the first volume, the compliments of the two together, and the events that unfold as a result!

If you've already purchased Volume One of Familiar Travels you can enjoy a reduced price of the bundle here, equal to the amount you paid for the first volume!

You were in a situation that many post-graduates found themselves in, degree on wall, parent's house, everywhere seem to think your degree is just as useless as you do. The uniquely disparaging Quarter Life Crisis has came to you in full force, and you have been left with nothing to do..

And when university has set us up for unreal expectations of the future, there's only one thing left to do..

Grad School.

Through insane luck or divine magic, you've received your acceptance letter to Vanaheim

Home of the Vanaheim Institute of Magic and Technology

There's only one problem, you're distinctly lacking in the magic department. In fact, this is the first time you've become aware of magic's existence.

Things have been strange over the past few weeks, and now that you’ve started to settle in it’s dawning on you exactly how much you fit in with people here, for better or for worse. The people in Vanaheim aren’t all that different than the people back home, there are bad people who make bad decisions with.. Bad consequences.

On top of that it’s felt as if your mental health has been slipping.. It’s been harder to connect to the people around you on a meaningful level.. I guess fitting in shouldn’t have been your only priority when it comes to these issues…

This game was created as a love letter to internet fandom, and quickly expanded to become a deconstruction of relationships, a game about forging genuine connections, and the struggles of finding your identity in a community that you don't entirely fit into. If you're looking for a way to kill some time, or an experience that will connect with you on a deep emotional level, check out Familiar Travels. This is a game for anybody who is part of an internet community, or anybody who wants to explore the more nuanced and complicated aspects of relationships.

  • 300,000 word+ Story (Across Two Volumes)
  • A true open world with free travel, leading to a different play through every time.
  • Complete soundtrack with over 30 unique compositions
  • Over 100 unique illustrations.

Halftone Studios
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Apr 23, 2020
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorHalftone Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Erotic, Furry, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, Interactive tutorial, One button


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $19.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

familiartravels-osx-build.zip 2 GB
Version 6
familiartravels-windows-build.zip 2 GB
Version 7

Development log


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Wondering what happened to the merch store?

Deleted 62 days ago

Looking through files, yup sure do. Haven't play it and going to when I posted this.

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steam key doesn't work, says it's additional content

bought first half anyways, i'm too tired to care at this point. just know the steam key is for the second chapter only, which is a dlc. nice job devs.


I swear to god, if something happens to best nerdy boyo im gonna cry

Game doesn't start.  Music starts but no window of any kind.  Reinstalled twice.  Given the dates on the dev log, I'm guessing there's no support for the game either


I will be getting this, but if i find out that my best boy dies ima cry... still buying it... but crying

Hey I had a question, will you guys possible be selling the t shirts that the character's got in kaj's route, I would totally buy one, it looked so cool

does anyone know where to find the save files for this game on your pc??

Ayee, this was very dope. Incredibly glitchy on my mac for damn sure, but it was so cool and pretty nice and fun! Definitely had a lot of moments where I got emotional. Anyways, yeah, semi-short thing, super fun with routes and main game (glitchy mac made the whole experience not so fun to navigate, but novel mode definitely smoothed that issue), great story with fun routes (I connected with everyone and genuinely enjoyed how each story progressed), there is some humour (if you want it), and definitely was very much worth buying.

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This was a great game, had a interesting story, good characters and all in all it was very enteraining. But you can't tell me sad-gurl-Mordecai (Tsitsi) isn't best girl cuz she is.

Where can i find the discord link of the server if there is another way and for some reason whenever i click the link in the game its just not responding!


"The worst type of loneliness is when your surrounded by friends and family but you cant tell them what your going through" 

-some guy (probably)



Im so cunfused. this game doesnt make any sense to me. not saying its bad, just confusing. trying to play mochas route ( if there is one ) but im just getting killed by Natalie the day of the band is about to play. what am i doing wrong ? :(

i had this same problem, solution? to get a character route you must spend every day with said character. some characters you cant find on some days which means you have to interact with anothing character to find them, check the 'steam community tab' for any help with figuring out what character routes need you to be where ( im sure someone made one if not ill make one in like a week) the way to tell if you got the 'good ending' for a character is the song 'victory day' will play during the concert, bad ending... well... you die. ( to get a good ending you have to hang out with the same charater for chapter 1 and 2 you cant just switch up, i highly reccomend you get every charater ending there might or might not be another ending :D ) 

hope this helps 


Spent 4 days playing start to end, confusing at times, but progression brings clarity.

I bought it on Steam, and there are still some minor issues with the game, nothing breaking, but for one the Discord link is not working properly.  I want to gush more but I'd rather wall of text of my thoughts on Discord. Be warned of my enthusiasm! ^^;

amazing game i absolutely love it. amazing work


Hey loving the game so far just wondering I seen that there 5 nsfw scenes and I would like to know who they are (I'm hoping that the blue jay one) I do have a small issue about the saving as its a bit unfare you can only do it at home but that's not much of a bother apart from forgetting to save XD 

anyway loving it and I'm already starting my own story's with my  character instead I mean persona not the skript persona you made kind of thing (which really is the same but I chose to act it out how I wish for fun I do this a lot with games I love)


I downloaded this game a few days ago but when I tried playing it, it didn't work. I deleted it and wanted to try downloading it again hoping to fix the problem but I'm now unable to redownload the game because I can't find it in the library. I'm also gay if that matters.

Deleted 1 year ago

Yes! There are guides posted in the discord!

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Is there a way to romance Kaj?


Do you have to actually play the game to get access to the gallery or is going through the Novel Mode enough? I really need to know. Also does anything else happens with any side characters or do you just talk to them every day and night?


I just sold a 25 euro csgo skin to buy the 2 volume of this game on Steam. that's how good it is! One of the best game I found on itch.io so far!

Honestly i love the game, it's just perfectly Made. <3

The steam key that comes with the purchase of this combined product only seems to be for volume 2 which i cant activate without owning volume 1 on steam but otherwise love the game the characters and story are just so well made and interesting to follow

Is Nil a Male or Female??


Read the previous comment ;)


Ok so at first i wasn't sold on the game but I liked Nil and wanted to see more of him. his ending was sweet and nothing will replace it. so Im worried, if play the other endings will they all end romantically cus I don't want that. Can I just be frinends with them and still get there ending? if posable I want to only romance Nil.

I've been playing this game for a while, and it seems like there's a constant glitch where if I go into certain areas I can't interact with anything. I noticed that sometimes everything will load but I can't do anything, and other times only the characters and background will load, but not even the save/load and phone button on the top left corner. The only thing I can do is exit to the main menu or close the application, but there's no way to go to those broken areas, which seem to change depending on the day/time of day. This locks me out of many interactions and I was wondering if there was some fix to this? Apart from this the game is great

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In Chapter 2, Day 4 for Tsitsi, it stops loading dialogue at that point where it shows the background of green bricks moving to the left. And since it's a required scene, I can't skip it. Can this be fixed somehow?

Edit: Also with Mocha I can't go to the art gallery because the buttons aren't working and I can't click anything, only close the window and load.

Purchased this 1+2 bundle after playing Chapter 1, and fuckin' loved it! The 1 doesn't come with a Steam link though, so when I try to activate the 2 DLC I got with my 1+2 purchase, I'm not able to receive it. Is there a way to get the Steam code for 1? I'm not too terribly attached to having it on steam, so no worries if it's not possible, just wanted to throw this out there.


Game looks promising, however it's way too glitchy. it skips a bunch of days with the regular mode. I am trying the Novel Mode now but it doesn't tell you how to do basic things such as saving. I read you guys are releasing a patch, hope this fixes everything. 


Just an update we will be releasing a patch with these bugs fixed in the next couple days :)

I can't open the game when I click on star.command. I'm on mac btw. It says that my quit command is missing

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Good game from what I've played, but very glitchy unfortunately. The extras menu is broken, it skips through a bunch of days when starting the game normally, and quite a few character interactions don't work. Looking forward to these being fixed so that the wonderful story can be better enjoyed.


Edit 1: Just downloading the new version (Version 6). Will report back with the results once I'm able to try it out.


Edit 2: Have played through to Day 5. First a couple of points:

  • Beginning game from "Start" still skips days once the introduction has been completed
  • Interactions have been working correctly
  • Game runs better overall

So far as I can tell, the whole game can be enjoyed by playing through the introduction using the "Start" option (Days 1-2) and once the part is reached where it skips days return to the main menu and select the "Already played Chapter One?" option (which skips straight to Day 3).

it comes with a steam key and a download key whats the download key… steam key is self explanitory but the download key doesnt have an explanation on how to use it


Something seems to be borked with the normal game, when I try to play it normally and get to day three it starts skipping the days without any input basically forcing me to play the game in the Novel mode.

Love the game so far! But i think i've encountered some issues while playing the game. Some characters and in some days I click on the character, the screen just freezes? It happens both on steam and itch app and on both mac and windows, so i'm not sure what happen...

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